We spend such a large portion of our lives in bed, it makes sense we take the time to find bed linen we love. Quilt covers are great for anyone who appreciates options, as you can choose the right doona to suit you and then have fun with different quilt covers.

Bed sheets should be the most comfortable bed linen you own. They’re considered basics but don’t need to be basic in feel or design! Add some interest with colour and pattern. It’s one of the easiest bedroom updates there is.

Sometimes, an extra layer of warmth is required, which is where a coverlet comes in. Regardless of the temperature, they turn a simply dressed bed into one that looks like it’s been styled by an expert. Keep an eye out for coverlet sets, as they’re always an easy update!

Even with all the best bedroom ideas in the world, home is somewhere you rest your head at night. For that, invest in a pillow that will ensure a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!